About Me

Hey !
My name is Hawa Laetitia Konate and I'm a graphic designer.

After I was graduated from Jacques Monod highschool in Clamart, I started studying graphic design at ECV Paris, in Paris.

During these 3 years, I learned and still learning the basis of design and explore all the angles of design which means visual identity, packaging, print, digital design and branding.
I learned to be more precise and efficient in my work

In 2020, I did an internship as a graphist at Michel et Augustin, a french brand known for their cookies and biscuits.
This internship taught me how to work in team and how things work in a company.
After this internship, I could see clearly what I yearn for in graphic design.

To my mind, graphic design is not only about marketing and advertisement, the human being also have a substancial importance and the feelings are really what's matter the most in my work. To depict all the sensations, I mainly use a lot of vivid colors and shapes.

Enjoy !

I am currently looking for an apprenticeship job. Here is my CV.
Je suis actuellement à la recherche d'un emploi en alternance. Voici mon CV.